What are the different dosages of Phentermine?

different dosages of PhenterminePhentermine medication is available in varied dosage strengths and they are 15 mg, 30 mg and 37.5 mg. What is phentermine? It is a drug which is taken by people who are obese or those having body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2. Many celebrities take phentermine 37.5mg before signing new projects that require major weight change and this might be the reason why the celebs easily shed off extra weight. Phentermine is available in tablet as well as capsule form.

What dosage strength of Phentermine should you take?
Since there are many Phentermine dosage strengths available in the market, a doctor would prescribe you with the appropriate one. This is because, different people respond differently to the dosages. Dosage strength of 15 mg would be prescribed initially as the body would accept the effects of phentermine soon. In this case, the dose can be increased as instructed by the health care professional during the course of therapy. On the other hand, few doctors would instruct you to split the tablet with dosage strength of 37.5 mg and take it. This means that a person should take 18.75 mg once daily during the treatment period.

How to take Phentermine Pills based on dosage strength?
Generally, Phentermine pills or capsules should be taken on an empty stomach or one hour after breakfast for all dosage strengths. Tablets of phentermine can be split and taken according to the dose as needed whereas capsules of this drug should not be broken, crushed or chewed. While giving you phentermine the doctor would tell you the details on how to take this Phentermine weight loss pill.

Avoid phentermine overdose by taking the right dosage strength
It is possible for you to avoid phentermine overdose just by following the instructions of a health care professional. Most of the phentermine overdose cases are due to less knowledge on how to take the drug and not following a medical specialist’s advice. Firstly, take the drug dosage strength that is prescribed for you. In case you forgot to take a tablet for a morning session as you were busy with some work but at a later time, you remember that you forgot to take the pill. Now, do not go and pop a pill, you should first check the time and if there are more hours for the next schedule of phentermine take the missed one. Suppose, the time is very close to taking the next drug pill, you should skip the pill which you forgot to take.

Secondly, never self-treat yourself by judging the phentermine dose for you. Some people would suddenly increase the dosage strength of this weight loss medication. Remember that this action would lead to drug overdose and does not provide increased effectiveness in appetite suppressant. This is why we insist you to follow the suggestions of the doctor or the leaflet that comes along with this drug to be safe and get better effectiveness during the course of the treatment.