Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. It belongs to the class of Sympathomimetic amines. It has a chemical name alpha-phenethylamine. Phentermine is soluble in water due to chemical bond present in it. This makes that this drug can be taken without any trouble. It also consists of the active and inactive ingredient which helps in forming the structure and chemical composition.

Once a person consumes this drug, the chemicals present in the medication begins to act and in such a way, it starts to act as an appetite suppressant.

Once the Phentermine gets dissolved it starts to act as an appetite suppressant by suppressing the brain influencing being metabolic effects through the central nervous system. Phentermine is legally approved by the FDA in the year 1959.

What is Phentermine used for?

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant which is used by most of the people in the United States. It helps people by reducing weight. Many people tend to take this medication for weight loss.  Phentermine is indicated as medication efficient to be used only for a short period of time.  people who are having BMI above 30 can be only used Phentermine. Other risks on medical conditions of the patients are considered by the GP before prescription. Along with proper exercise and good diets, that one can reduce weight rapidly with the use of Phentermine.  Phentermine is mostly used by the people who are obese and overweight. To keep the weight in control and to lead a healthy life one should have to follow the medication properly.  People who are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure should consult with the doctor before taking Phentermine. The intake of Phentermine affects the central part of the brain and thus it manipulates your brain by controlling the feeling of hunger in a person.

How does Phentermine work?

Phentermine, generally act on the central nervous system. The drug would stimulate and releases the chemicals in the brain that would manipulate your brain so that you will not feel hunger. Once the medication is consumed you will not feel hungry and thus the craving for the food has been reduced to a greater extent. You will feel satisfied by consuming a few quantities of food every day.

Phentermine provides various benefits. People who have taken Phentermine can choose any food without temptation towards it. Only a single tablet should have to be consumed and that too early in the morning. Just one pill of Phentermine would help to produce more energy that makes a person be active throughout the day. The working procedure of Phentermine is similar in both men and women. However, the effectiveness of Phentermine would stay longer in women than men. This is because the metabolism rate of women is very much higher compared to that of men.

Buy Phentermine online

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and it can be bought online only from the legal online pharmacies only. There are many Phentermine retailers and suppliers are available online. You might find many internet drugstores that provide you with the weight loss medication directly from the manufacturer or suppliers. Some of the Phentermine selling online pharmacies would provide a free shipping to the consumers. It is necessary that one should have to order Phentermine online only from the licensed internet pharmacies.

Buying Phentermine online also provides some of the additional benefits in terms of cost, shipping, and discounts. One can order the drug for cheapest cost however it is important that one should ensure that the online pharmacy is genuine. You should have to go through the information about the website before ordering Phentermine from them.  There are many counterfeit internet drugstores available which may result in causing some of the severe side effects to the consumers. Check for the license at the bottom of the page on the online website. The genuine online pharmacy would provide various payment and shipping service options to the consumers. They also provide high-quality pills for their use. Customers are free to use the discounts and coupons that are available on the online forms to purchase their medication for the cheap cost.

Who manufactures Phentermine?

Adipex is the brand medication of Phentermine and it is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals.  Phentermine is the generic medication and it is manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies around the world.  Buying or selling of Phentermine from unauthorized manufacturers will be illegal.

Phentermine is available in different formulation around the world. It is sold under the different brand names in many different countries. Such brands of this med include Adipex-p, Duromine, Metermine, Suprenza. Whereas this generic Phentermine is also available. Sandoz is the US based company and got its license to manufacture Phentermine in the 70’s. Sandoz is the legal manufacturer who is here to provide Phentermine within under the US prescription. However, Teva Pharmaceuticals is the largest distributor of pills across the US pharmacies.

Research on Phentermine

Phentermine is the effective weight loss medication in its era. It has been tested under many clinical trials before and after the approval of the medication. The result from the test has concluded that this drug is very much essential and most efficient drug to treat obesity in people.

A study has been conducted on both the men and women who are around the age of 20. It is also tested that the person who has been involved in the experiment is free of any other health disorders other than obese. The BMI of the individuals is between 27kg/m2 or 30kg/m2 and above.

The study has also been taken on the pregnant and nursing women. The result includes that the person has lost almost reduced their weight by up to 5% with a certain period of a month.

Side Effects of Phentermine

However, from the clinical trials, it is proven that Phentermine would act very effectively and assists in reducing the body weight to a more percentage within a time of 3 months. But, it is not exceptional from causing the side effects to the users. Taking this drug inappropriately would result in the cause of side effects. In the following, we would discuss them.

Mild Side Effects

Although there are many weight loss medications available in the medical market, however, most of the people tend to choose Phentermine. But, it might also result in causing risk to one’s health. Dry mouth is the common side effect that one could experience when then take Phentermine without a proper guidance. Many people would have experienced this while taking this drug for different other purposes. Intake of this weight loss drug would create a sour flavor in the tongue, so it is better if you take the drug along with a bottle of water. Some of the other common mild side effects of Phentermine includes diarrhea, vomiting, head pain, frequent mood changes, constipation, nausea, and dizziness.

Severe Side Effects

Unfortunately, consumption of Phentermine would cause some adverse side effects if one has taken this drug improperly for a longer period of time. The effects might include heart palpitation, inability to perform daily activities, swelling of the legs, shortness in breath, tremors, fainting, insomnia, and difficult to exercise. One should have to consult with the doctor before consuming this drug for reducing their weight.

Phentermine User Reviews

“I have been suffered from overweight for years. I am 34 years old and I weighed 240 pounds at 5’6’’. It is definitely not nice to hold such a weight at that age. All my neighborhood mothers were so young and I don’t feel good about myself when I talk to them. Also, a complex created in me of not being a “super mom” to my kids. I came to know about Phentermine from an old friend. Started to take this pill alone for weeks, I noticed reduce in pounds but not that much, so started to help myself with exercises mostly walking miles. My pounds shed more rapidly than. And by now, I weight 145 pounds in 8 months. This is really great, isn’t it? Thanks to the wonder Phentermine.” – Emily Miles

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