Phentermine Reviews

Phentermine is used for treating obesity and weight-related problems. It is known that all medicines do not suit all kinds of people. Similarly, there are people who got benefited very much and others who suffered from critical side effects and negative reactions by using this weight loss medicine. The following are the generalized reviews excerpts from verified consumers of phentermine who had purchased it from online pharmacies:

“Phentermine is a life-changing drug” – Anderson

The drug has efficiently performed for obese patients. People quote that they have reduced close to 7 kilograms in a month of consuming these pills. As the pill induces a lot of water intake, which effectively works for reducing the weight by attacking negative cholesterol. The consumer had commented that it had made them feel very light and active.

“Dehydration – Side Effect of Phentermine” – Patrick

Some consumers have complained that consuming phentermine makes their mouths drier and give more headaches. After consulting the specialists,they suggested them to take more water for controlling such dehydration. The consumers withdrew the consumption of this drug since they started getting facial and skin allergies.

“I feel Phentermine is a great drug” – Fedral

One of the loyal consumers of Phentermine had quoted that… “After using this medicine for 3 months my physician increased the dosage to 30 mg. After continuing this dosage for 4 months I reduced close to 30 pounds. The medicine works effectively because even after I started exercising about 5 times in a week and which was about a month ago I was unable to lose the desired weight.”

One of our lady customersis using this pill from a long time, with controlled intake and regular consultation with the doctor. She reduced her weight rapidly without many negative effects. She also quoted… “I feel it is a great drug and has great potential to aid people for healthier and happier life as long as they remember that to control their eating habits.”

“8 on 10 for Phentermine” – John

“I am a 23-year-old female, I took this pill for the first time yesterday, I was about 215 pounds then, I did workout last night, about 30 minutes of body weight training. My weight was reduced by 1.5 pounds less than yesterday! I trust that these pills must be taken with strict workout and diet for effective results.” She rated 8 on 10 for Phentermine medicine.

“Adipex-P gave Fruitful results” – Mic Vicky

“I started on February 6th at 125 kilograms and today on Feb 18th I’m 115 kilograms. I have started taking this medicine with strict diet control and I had High protein, low carbohydrates which had worked in my favor. Though I found my mouth drier than before, the fruitful results from this pill excites me”.

“I have no side effects whatsoever” – Iyanbel

Side effects are very common to diet reducing pills, but some of the consumers did not have any side effects. Quoting a consumer’s feedback… “I have been taking phentermine pills for more than 20 days and I have lost close to 10 kilograms in this tenure, I did not exercise but have been very energetic, I have no side effects whatsoever.” And He had given 10 on 10 for efficient performance of this medicine.