Phentermine info

Phentermine is the popular weight loss drugs that suppress the appetite by stimulating neurotransmitters. This drug has a fluctuating history of both success and failures. However, most doctors are prescribing this medication as it is one of the very old diet pills. Let us look into more information about this drug.

Phentermine medication history

Phentermine medicationPhentermine is approved by the FDA at 1959, and it is the best appetite suppressant and widely available in the medical market under the name of Phentermine HCL. After its successful footprint in treating obesity, it was available as Phentermine resin in the 1970s.

It holds 60 years of history for sharing 50% of space among all weight loss drugs globally. Though it has very long history, it did not lose its efficacy and reliability in weight loss therapy.

After it was introduced into the market in the 1970s, it has been tried with other ingredients to discover the new combination as anti-obesity drugs. The very popular combinations of Phentermine are as follows but most of them are not in the practice.

  • Fen-Phen: Cocktail of Fenfluramine and Phentermine. Due to the overnight sedation of its combination, this combo has been stated against safety.
  • Dexfen-Phen:Dexfenfluramine combined with this medication and resulted inDexfen-Phen.
  • Several researchers have found most people have been diagnosed with heart problems by using the above two cocktails for obesity management.
  • Phen-Pro:Phentermine combined with Prozac which includes many anti-depressant drugs. It has been proved that this cocktail is safe for long term obesity treatment.
  • Qsymia: This medication along with Topirmate resulted as Qsymia.


Phentermine in differentcountries

Phentermine 37.5mg is rated as the best weight loss drug and the most used pill by US people.Not only in USA, Now you can get this weight loss medication from many countries. For the below countries, it is legal to use this anti-obesity drug.

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Mexico

Though it has been widely used in many countries, many would approachfor Phentermine sale in the United States. Due to its increasing popularity, there is a huge hike in suppliers all over the US. The cost of this medication has been reduced in the mid of 2015 as there is healthy competition in the drug manufacturer for giving authentic pills at a low price.

The most popular suppliers of this diet pills are

  • Teva – worldwide generic manufacturer of this diet pill
  • Elite Labs
  • Sandoz

Australia is the second most country using this obesity treating drug widely. This medication sold under the name of Duromine and Metermine here. The cost of the pill is also very similar to the US.

In several European countries, use of Phentermine diet pill has been banned for its potential side effects.

Phentermine brands

Below are the popular Phentermine brands-

  • Adipex- It is known as theAdipex-P drug comes in 37.5mg would stop being hungry by its appetite suppressing effect.
  • Qsymia –FDA approved this brand as an extended release form for reducing extra pounds. It contains Phentermine and topiramate.
  • Mysimba – To lose weight fast, it consists of two active ingredients which result in the quick mechanism of action.
  • Lonamin – The very first brand version of this medication is Lonamin. It has 50 years history of success rates in helping obese people.

The other brands are Slimex and Alli.

Phentermine today – #1 weight diet pill

In today, Phentermine medication has rated as No.1 weight loss drug and widely available in local as well as in online pharmacy.In this digital world, many people are adopting smart ways to purchase this medication at a cheap rate. For users note, it can only be purchased with a prescription under federal laws. The various dosages are 8mg, 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. Out of those, 37.5 milligrams is considered as the maximum dosage strength.Patients should consider the warnings and precaution prior to the consumption. Many people are purchasing packs of this drug that may include 14 pills as 2 week pack, 21 pills as 3 week pack and 100 pills as one month pack.