Phentermine addiction and abuse

How to deal with Phentermine addiction / abuse

Recently, most of the people get addicted to Phentermine due to the potency of the medication. Phentermine is the generic formulations of the prescription-only medication, and it is widely prescribed for the individuals to treat obesity or weight loss. The prime ingredient of the drug is Phentermine HCL; it acts as a central nervous stimulant so that the drug directly affects the brain in order to control the hunger feeling.

Reasons for addiction

Phentermine addictionFirst of all, statics proves that the stimulants are often abused by individuals due to the effects that they produce in the brain. Habit-forming is the leading reason which leads you towards addiction. Since Phentermine is a stimulant, using the medication for more than your prescription or long-term treatment would prompt habit-forming so that it is very crucial to follow the prescription.

If you are taking higher dosage pills or more dosages than your prescription would cause dependence. Besides, abuse of Phentermine can cause withdrawal symptoms: depression and fatigue when you discontinued the use of medication abruptly. In addition, snorting and chewing of the drug is never encouraged and such sort of practices will make you get quicker high, but cause some fatal damages which are more dangerous.

Purchasing Phentermine over the counter is one of the unhealthiest and most important reasons for the addiction. Weight loss medications can be easily obtained from traditional as well as online pharmacies, even if you begin taking this pill for the right reason can make to abuse the drug.

There are some major ingredients which ease the process of tolerance, addiction, and abuse that includes the active ingredient of the drug, caffeine, and ephedrine. Hence avoid such sort of ingredients or else your health would at greater risk.

Consequences of Phentermine Addiction

When you addicted to the drug or being habit-forming, then Phentermine produce some common as well as serious side effects. Especially, if you have taken the diet pill combined with other stimulants, then obviously your life would be in trouble and the mild side effects: bad taste in mouth, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, and diarrhea. The more serious effects increased blood rate or pressure, dizziness, swelling in legs, breathing issues, severe pain in the chest, insomnia, tremors, and palpitations.

How to prevent addiction?

Phentermine addiction can prevent efficiently by following certain measurements.

  • Phentermine is extremely safe when you have taken the drug under the surveillance of medical practitioner so the chance of misuse of the medication is very minute.
  • Follow the instruction which is directed by your healthcare professional or ask your pharmacist and read the drug label information.
  • Always keep the medication away from the children and youngsters especially a person with addiction history because most of the people who abuse the medical script get them from the others.
  • Consult your doctor on monthly twice and make a regular checkup during the treatment in order to prevent addiction.

When you are addicted to Phentermine medication and experience the adverse effects, call your doctor immediately and get a rehab center help.