About Phentermine

Phentermine withdrawal – symptoms and advices

The first and foremost step to remember while you are planning to discontinue the use of Phentermine medication is to make a consultation with your doctor because sudden discontinue of the drug would cause withdrawal symptoms.  Read further and learn more about the major Phentermine withdrawal symptoms and its negative effects.

Psychological dependence

Phentermine reacts on the central nervous system by stimulating and releasing the certain chemical in the brain that consist the feeling of the heightened sense of energy and euphoria. When you discounted the drug, then the feelings which are stimulated by the medicationwill stop, and cause mental dependence. If you notice any sings related to psychological dependence symptoms, talk to your healthcare advisor.


Phentermine acts on your brain and thus causes certain effects: increased heart rate, hear pound condition, and most of the time feeling energized. Once the drug was discontinued, the stimulation of your central nervous system also reduces; you would experience the fatigue in an extreme manner or else a feeling of fatigue. However, you can sort out this fatigue by getting proper sleep, exercise, and calorific diet. As a result, your fatigue will lessen within a week.


The possible withdrawal effects of Phentermine include miserable, feeling sad, depression, being unhappy, and sometimes you may experience downfall which is very risky and imperative. Hence speak with your doctor to alleviate this sort of symptoms. Besides, the depression consists of uncontrollable crying, lack of concentration, self-damage or suicide behaviors and helpless.


Phentermine withdrawal can cause Insomnia which is a sleeping disorder that makes you fall asleep or stay asleep. Majority of the people have affected with insomnia due to the stimulant property of the drug. When you are experiencing insomnia and depression, then your health condition is in a trouble so that contact your doctor when you notice insomnia for more than a week.

Weight gain

Phentermine is a weight loss pill which leads you to lose weight by acting as an appetite suppressant. Abrupt quitting of the drug may cause weight gain, and it is absorbed in most of the individuals. The exact reason for this withdrawal symptom is not fully understood, but the gaining of weight relies on the Phentermine dose, course period of the treatment, diet, and exercise.

Drug carvings

When you are attempting to stop Phentermine pill, then would experience the mental carvings. The adverse effects such as fatigue and depression would further increase the drug cravings and dependence. Due to this, FDA states that the drug is not recommended for the history of drug or alcohol addict.

How to prevent Phentermine Withdrawal Symptoms

The Phentermine withdrawal effects are not always avoidable though it can be minimized by following certain measurements.

To avoid or sort out the withdrawal symptoms, you have to make a consultation with your doctor before the discontinuation. Because they would gradually taper the weight loss pill until the lower dose to reduce the adverse effects. Thereby, always consult your doctor before and after the intake and quiet of the medication in order to get away from severe problems.