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Phentermine Sexual Side Effects

Sexual Side Effects of klonopinPhentermine medication is generally used for the weight loss treatment. In medical research, few people suffered from sexual side effects while consuming Phentermine pill. Sexual side effects comprised erectile dysfunction and distortion in sex drive (even though it is unclear whether these adverse reactions constituted increased or diminished sex drive). Here we have included some of the major things, which will help to be acquainted the Phentermine sexual side effects.

Erection Loss

Men who used the Phentermine medication for weight loss might suffer from the side effect of erectile dysfunction. It is clinically proved by expert physicians. But not faced very usual morning erection by men who experience the dysfunction with a partner. In any way, the erectile dysfunction isn’t associated with desire; it’s physiological. A lot of medications exist to help with ED, yet consult your physician if you experience difficulty with erections. Numerous men who keep on taking Phentermine encounter an arrival to what is typical for them in few weeks.

Desire Loss

A few women and men report that they have lost sexual desire while consuming Phentermine medication. This is believed to be the tendency that eating routine pills have on the nervous system. Since the body is accelerating for the fight through a chemical implies, your body is caught up with doing work notwithstanding when you are at relaxing or rest. However, relaxation is considered to be more crucial for sexual desire. Somebody taking Phentermine weight loss pill may discover he has less enthusiasm for sex by reason of this. Still, weight reduction can serve as excitement and inducement about sex that somebody had maybe never experienced. Give the medication a chance to work on your weight and after that recheck your moxie. Consult with your physician if the issue continues.


Nothing could be better for sexual performance and mood than relaxation. But weight loss Phentermine medication has the addiction to making an individual a little anxious, restless and moody. This is another form that the weight loss drug can affect sexual health and sexual desire. Your body system can fine-tune the medication and the moodiness, and anxiety can decrease. But in case if you find yourself in a stable unripe mood and loss of interest in sex, then get the consultation from your doctor.

Sex drive Changes

Phentermine medicine has been proclaimed to cause changes in sex drive. But the exact percentage of drug users who suffered from sex drive changes due to the weight losspill has not been acknowledged. It is unclear whether these changes include elevated sex drive, lowering sex drive or the two.

If you found any of the above mentioned sexual side effects of Phentermine medication, then talk to your doctor regarding issues you experienced. Since they might recommend the right treatment for your health issues. Depending on your health condition, the physician may adjust the dosage strength level or try another treatment for weight loss. Moreover, it is important to know, whether sexual side effects are caused by Phentermine weight loss medication or any other factors.