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Phentermine Maximum Dosage

Phentermine Maximum DosageIt is quite familiar that most obese people start off their treatment with Phentermine maximum dosage which is 37.5mg. This implies a single tablet or capsule contains 37.5 milligrams of Phentermine Hydrochloric acid. This weight loss medication is also available in brand version. The well-known brand is Adipex which is available only in the dosage strength of 37.5 mg. The other brands of this drug such as Lonamin, Suprenza are available in the higher dose of 30mg. But globally, doctors have been prescribing Adipex brand on comparing with other brands.

The great advantage of using the Phentermine maximum dosage is stated below.

  • The most commonly prescribed brand of Phentermine is Adipex-P 37.5mg. So, those who are prescribed for this weight loss pill can get from any pharmacies.
  • Since the weight loss treatment with Phentermine medication is recommended only for short time like few weeks, using the higher dosage helps in achieving the desired result.
  • 37.5mg is the only available dose of generic Phentermine tablet and it can be split into two half and taken as a divided dose.

Is Maximum dosage of Phentermine helps in quick reduction of weight?

For few people, the high dose of Phentermine helps in quick reduction of weight but it does not happen to everyone. The individual’s metabolic rate will determine the dose of this medication. It only has the higher concentration of active compounds. At the same time, the lower dosage would not give sufficient appetite suppressant effects to successfully reduce the weight. And also it would not give adequate energy for compensating with lost pounds. Both can be done by with the help of Maximum dosage strength of Phentermine.

Side effects of high dosage strength of Phentermine

If the dosage strength of medication increases the side effects also would get increased. The unpleasant side effects of Phentermine at maximum dosage are as follow

  • Insomnia,
  • Constipation,
  • Loss of Sex desires,
  • Dry mouth.

On comparing with lower strength, the high dose will provide severe negative effects. It is better to discuss with the doctor how can side effects be avoided or treated before taking this medication at the high dose.

Maximum Phentermine dosagesmanufacturers details

Phentermine 37.5 milligrams by various manufacturers:

1)    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, now it has been owned by Endo Pharmaceuticals. They manufacture this medication with blue speckles darker than Adipex tablet.

2)    Actavispharmaceutical companypreviously owned by Purepac. They are one of the largest Phentermine 37.5mg manufacturers and their tablets have been identified with the imprint of R-316.

3)    Actavis Totowa LLC previously supplies this medication under the name of Amide Pharmaceuticals. They produce this drug similar to Adipex 37.5mg.

4)    KVK-tech has started to manufacture this drug at this high dosage and it could be identified by K-25 imprint.

Adipex-P high dosage manufacturers

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, the United States are approved firm to produce Adipex 37.5mg in tablet as well as in capsule format.The tablet form has blue speckles on it.