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Phentermine Long Term Side effects dangers

phentermine Side effectsPhentermine most commonly prescribed by physicians across the globe for treating obesity problems. As this medication is a narcotic drug, it can end in habit-forming. When these weight loss pills are taken overdose or taken wrongly it may lead to long-term side effects. These side effects do not occur for everyone who is taking Phentermine pills; it depends on the usage of the medication and the individual’s health condition.

Here, we have listed few long-term Phentermine side effects and the dangers associated with them are listed for your knowledge.


Based on several medical studies it is stated that one of the major problem caused by Phentermine long-term side effects is constipation. This problem occurs in individuals is due to the Phentermine medication sometimes works by affecting some of the thermoreceptors present in the gastrointestinal tract, this may affect by swelling of the GT tract, which is resulted in the effect of constipation.

This effect of constipation can produce significant side effects like nausea, severe stomach pain, difficulty in bowels moving and many. As this is a long-term cause, individuals need to consult the physician as soon as possible and get relieved from this problem effectively.

Pulmonary Hypertension

This problem occurs in people is due to the chemical compounds present in the medication causes a shrinking effects in the lungs blood vessels. The shrinking of the blood vessels that causes a back loop of blood to the lungs and heart. Which results in difficulty in breathing and chest pain, the severity of the side effects is based on pulmonary hypertension present in the individuals. Immediate Doctor consultation can help you in recovering from the problems easily.


Phentermine pills can cause sexual problems like impotence also known as erectile dysfunction which results in a reduction of sexual drive. This impotence problem makes men from preventing erection during sexual activity. Continuation of this problem can cause psychological problems, self-control, and other sexual interruption.


Another long-term effect caused by Phentermine medication is insomnia. This is because the chemical ingredients present in this medication will affect certain scrap of the brain which results in promoting wakefulness and end up in sleep problems. Lack of sleep would result in drowsiness and tightness, consulting the physician would help individuals to alter the dosage or if needed the physician would prescribe another medication based on the result of Phentermine pills on your health condition.

All the above-mentioned Phentermine long-term effects are few side effects, there are many other things caused by this weight loss medication like dry mouth, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and many such things. Taking the medication as per the Phentermine prescription will help you to track the dosage taken and get through the symptoms and side effects effectively.