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Phentermine dosage for women

Phentermine for WomenPhentermine is usually prescribed to treat obese inhuman. Both men and women are benefited by using this weight loss medication. However, the facts like gender, age, obese will be taken into consideration before prescribing this drug. Due to the difference in metabolism of both men and women, the dosage differs between them. As seen the men required the increased strength of this medication to control the apatite than women. Also, it is seen that female adults need extra dosage when compared to elderly and adolescences. Due to these criteria, it is mandatory to avoid getting Phentermine dosage without doctor prescription. And avoid sharing this medication with others. To be aware let us see what are available Phentermine for women.

What are the Phentermine doses prescribed for women?

The commonly available Phentermine dosages are 8mg, 15mg, 18.75mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. All these strengths are prescribed for both men and women however with a variance to their BMI range.

The eligible BMI to take Phentermine is 30 kg/m2 or sometimes it may 27 kg/m2. For the same BMI in men and women, they will be prescribed with different strengths. The initial Phentermine ranges 15mg or 18.75mg. It is due to the fact that female metabolism is generally lower than for a male. So, it can be treated effectively with slight lower dosage. This criterion extends as a splitting of the pill.

Let us see an example for this illustration. If a woman is prescribed with 37.5mg once a day and it seems that their body condition will overreact if taken as a whole. Hence the dosage will be prescribed as 18.75 mg to take twice a day. But it is also recommended that the people should not involve in breaking the 37.5mg pill or powdering the medication. They should follow as recommended 18.75mg strength of Phentermine. Because the act of breaking the pill or powdering is considered to be abusing Phentermine. This will lead to overdosing or change in the quantity of medication strength.

What are the factors to be considered before prescribing Phentermine dosage to women?

When you consult your doctor to get Phentermine prescription. It is not that everyone will be prescribed the same dosage strengths. The doctor will analyse different criteria in women then decide what to prescribe them. Those factors of consideration include the following such as weight regarding their height, the degree of obesity on her, disease severity, comorbidities existence, other medicines the female is taking, and her present Body Mass Index (BMI). All these perks will be needed to decide the dosage required. After analysis, these factors the adults, adolescence, and the elderly person will be prescribed different Phentermine.

Few of them are limited from taking this medication. Such as women planning for their pregnancy and those who are already pregnant and breastfeeding parents are prohibited to take Phentermine.

Hypothyroidism in women will affect the Phentermine dosage taken. It will enhance the actual effect of the medication strength taken.

If they were subjected to MAO inhibitor in the recent times should not take this medication. Also, females abused to other drugs should not be treated with Phentermine.